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Welcome to Industrial Strength Payroll.


We at Phoenix Phive Software thank you for choosing our product. We are confident that you, like thousands of others, will find it to be an essential tool to help take care of your payroll.


You have begun your 30-day trial period. The software is fully functional and can be used in a production environment. You may end the trial at any time simply by purchasing and registering the product. We tell you how to do that a little further down the page.


If you decide not to register, the software ceases to function in 30 days.


This software is backed by a cost-free (but not toll-free) support as long as it is maintained. This support is explained in the License and Warranty agreement. After the Trial period, this support is only available to Registered Owners. If you haven't yet done so, please take a moment now to read this important information.


Telephone customer support is available by calling 480.483.0991. Support is also available by fax at 480.948.1379 or by emailing We do not support products that are not registered.


The purpose of this document is to provide you with the key elements of processing payroll. Plus, it answers those "How do I..." questions that arise while you’re processing payroll. We suggest that you read the Getting Started, Clients and Employees books before you proceed.


The next window you see shows you your registration status, and how you can register your purchase.



We discuss all of your options in the Registration topic immediately following the Getting Started book.


Click I want to continue the trial to proceed.